Create activity for reflection

Activities are created primarily via reflection, development plan or rolfing and are then linked to the part of the system it was created, the origin. It is also possible to create activities that are not linked to any of the above.

Common is that when you create a new activity you need to enter the following information:

Name - The name of the activity
Description - A description of the activity and its purpose / goal
Type - All activities are classified into one of the following categories: Motivation, Knowledge, Challenge, Values, Health or Other.
Status - The current status of the activity is selected based on the following: Not started, Ongoing, Waiting or Ended
Priority - Priority of the activity: High, Medium or Low
End Date - An activity can be assigned an intended end date
Type, Status, Priority and Origin can be used to filter the list of activities.


In the feed you can see all changes and other history around the activity. Here you also see possible reflections on the activity.
You can also write comments to provide further details.