Here you change settings regarding your account.


The password must be at least 8 characters long and must not contain any of the 100,000 most common combinations. You should choose a strong password containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and at least one special character (ex! #% &?)

Email address

Your email address is also your username. The email address must not already be registered in Rolf.

The e-mail address is also used for any notifications and reset of the password if you forget it.


The "Active" flag indicates whether the user can log in to the system or not. Normally, all users are marked as "Active".

Inactive users are also filtered in search results. They are still included in all statistics and other reports.

Email notifications

You can choose to recieve email notifications for events in Rolf that concerns you.


Rolf is translated into several languages, here you can choose which language you prefer. Any notifications and the like will be in this language.
Note, however, that Rolf automatically detects your computer / device's language settings and therefore selects the language based on it in the first place.
You can change the language in which Rolf is displayed at any time via the language selector at the top right of the header.


Only group leaders can unregister a user. When you unregister, all personal data linked to the individual will disappear and cannot be recreated. 

Reflection log

You can make your entire reflection log private, which means that all your existing reflection posts get the visibility level "Only for me" which means that only you can read them yourself.