As a team leader, you can add / remove, connect (you can belong to several organizations at the same time) or move employees in Rolf based on the level in the organizational structure from which you are team leader.

You do all this by:

  • Click on organization in the main menu
  • Click on your organization
  • Click on employees in the submenu
  • There, the employees are divided into team leaders and employees.
  • At the top right you have a scrollist where you can walk around the organization but remain in the same view.

To view the tag cloud on the web version

  • Click on the "Organization" tab
  • Select the applicable organization
  • In the submenu, select the "Tag cloud" tab
  • Select the period you for which you want to see the word cloud. Click "Include " in the sub-organizations below the date, to include all departments that you want to include
  • In the scroll bar at the top right, you can select which department you want to look at.
  • Click Filter to apply the selection

To see an individuals tags over time

  • Find the employee you want to look at in the search box at the top right of the purple bar
  • Click the employee’s name
  • Click reflection log
  • You see the tags in the shape of a circle
  • Click in which date period you want to see the tags.
  • Click filter to apply the selection

To view tags in the Rolf phone app

  • Click on the hashtag or the word "tag cloud"
  • Choose which organization you want to look at in the top scroll list - there you can only click in the departments you are team leader over.
  • In the scroll list below, you can choose which employee's tags you want to see
  • If you want to see an overview of tags for your entire team, click on "all employees" in the scroll list.


Under statistics you can see statistics on the use of the system.

  • Coachings show statistics on the number of coaches done each month
  • Self-coaching shows statistics on when employees have created a coaching on themselves
  • Activities show how many activities are created each month.
  • Logs are how many reflection logs are written each month.

The figures show statistics of 365 days back, so for example if you look at 15/10 you will see half of October this year and half of October last year when whole months have not been completed

Add employees

  • Click the plus sign on either group leader to add group leader or employee to add employee
  • Fill in the information in the box that appears.
  • When the employees you want to add are posted, click in the small box in each individual.
  • Go to the bottom of the scroll lists, select the upper scroll list and select create and send out passwords.
  • Those you added now get an automatically generated password sent to their email.
  • You can then send out the instruction "Log in and reflection log employee" With it, the employee should be able to log in, change the password, download the app and get started with the reflection log.

Send out passwords to employees

  • Select the employee (s) you send the password to.
  • Go down to the top scroll bar at the bottom.
  • Select "Create and send password"
  • You will receive confirmation that the password leaves the system by a green box on each email address to which the password is sent.
  • If the employee does not receive the password, ask them to check their spam basket

Remove employees

  • Click on the employee, by clicking on the icon in the box on the employee's name. Go to settings.
  • Click in unregister the user. When you do this, the data linked to that person cannot be picked back.

Move or link employees to another organization

To move / link employees to another organization.

  • Select the employee (s) you want to move / link in the small box in each individual.
  • Go down to the scroll bar at the bottom.
  • Select the lower left scroll bar and select move link employees.
  • Take the right scroll bar and choose where the employee should move or be linked.

If the employee you have moved / linked is to be the team leader in the new organization, you must go to that organization via the scroll bar in the upper right corner and select the small box and make the person team leader by selecting the upper scroll list at the bottom and select "convert to team leader".
Please note that linking an employee means that the team leaders who sit in both organizations have full insight into this person's tasks in Rolf. 

Manage employees

You can make mass updates of employees by selecting them and choosing how you want to update them.

  • Make them team leaders in the organization in question
    Gives the selected users team leader permission
  • Make them employees of the organization in question
    Removes group leader privileges for selected users.
  • Make them Inactive
    Disables selected users. Inactive users can not log in.
  • Make them Active
    Activates the selected users.
  • Create and send passwords
    Creates new passwords for the selected users and sends them out via email.