To add an objective to an organization

Go to the organization / department where the objective should be. (You can allocate an objective to the main organization and then distribute it to sub-organizations or individuals)

  • Click New Objecticve
  • You will then see a gray box with the heading Add Objective
  • Fill in the name of the objective, description and the start and end date for which the objective applies.
  • Click Save Changes

You have created a main objective. The main objective now shows up in the tree to the left of the gray box.

Under the main objective, you can now add sub-objective or measuring points. Note: If you have added a measuring point (KPI), you cannot add an sub- objective afterwards to this objective.

These functions (KPI’s and sub-objectives) end up to the right of the main objective. Measuring point (KPI) at the top and sub-objective below.

To add Sub-objective

Go to the organization / department where the sub-objective is to be located. Note that the organization must have access to the main objective.

Then select which objective to which you want to create a sub- objective in the objective tree on the left.

  • Ensure that the objective ends up in the right organization / individual. (It appears in the text above the sub-objective box).
  • Write the name of the sub-objective, description and date period.
  • Click Save Changes

Add measuring point (KPI)

  • When you have finished with main objective and sub-objective, add measuring points (KPI), it is the measuring points that control the objective.
  • Select the objective on which you want to create measurement points in the target tree on the left.
  • Connect measuring point (KPI) in the right hand menu, define a name, set target value and any description.
  • Click Add.

You can add as many measuring points as you want to an objective.

To follow progress to a KPI you change the number displayed in the result box and press Save changes. The progress of the KPI will show in the progress bar at the top until the objective is completed.

The progress is tracked as average of the individual KPI’s connected to the objective