Rolfing templates

To create a coaching template in Rolf, we recommend that you already know which conversation steps and comments on the steps you want to include in the coaching template. Examples of these conversation steps can be steps in a customer meeting or issues in an employee conversation where we set a value and a comment and can get statistics. If you have these conversation steps completed in a word document, you can also paste the text from the document directly into Rolf! The example below shows what a conversation step in a coaching template can look like.

Customer meeting:

  • Introduction
  • •  Reply welcoming
  • •  Lead to case
  • •  Listen to the customer's tone

Employee interviews:

  • Work effort
  • • How satisfied are you with your work effort

Create rolfing template

  • Click the Organization tab
  • Go to the organization you want to put the template on. If you have several departments, go to the department you want to apply the template to. If you want to put the template on the entire organization, make sure you are at the top of the organization tree.
  • When you are in the right organization, click on "Coaching templates" in the submenu
  • Click add template
  • Give the template a name, for example "Customer meeting" or "Employee conversation"
  • Click on "create template"

Add rolfing step in template

  • Click "Add Conversation Steps"
  • Enter the name of the Conversation Step according to the example above eg, Introduction or Work input
  • Click on "save conversation step", a box will appear where you can fill in the description - where you fill in the points that belong to the conversation step. By example:
  • Reply welcoming
  • Lead to case
  • Listen to the customer's tone
  • You can add new conversation steps with descriptions by clicking on "Add conversation steps". Repeat until you have entered the number of properties you want. • When you are done, click save changes.

Your template is now ready and this can be started working on at the individual level. Note that you can create multiple templates in the same organization, you do this by repeating the procedure.

Create new rolfing

  • Click the Employees tab
  • Search for the one you are going to coach
  • Click on the employee you are going to coach
  • In the submenu, click on "coaching"
  • Click on the button "+ Create new coaching"
  • Choose which template you will coach the individual on
  • The template has now come up and you can start coaching.

Things to keep in mind when using the feature:

You, together with the employee, set points between 1-10 on the selected activity. Then you write comments to these. The comments can consist of feedback on what needs to be improved, but also things that are already good. See the document "Tips for giving feedback" for an in-depth study.

In the current activity there is a box that can be checked. It is called "Not measured / Not applicable". You use it if the activity concerns things that cannot be measured on a scale from 1-10.

NOTE! There is a collective box for comments at the top of the coaching view, where you write what the person is doing well. In the overall view "Measures" you write the most important points you have arrived at.

Good luck with the coaching function - keep in mind that it has several uses and can just as well be used in an employee interview as in a pure coaching of the process!