Welcome to Rolf

This is an overview of the Rolf employee development tool.
Here you will find instructions on how to work in the system.

Log in

To log in, use your e-mail address as username and the password you have been assigned.
Note that the password is case sensitive.

The system detects which language your computer uses, but you can easily change with the drop-down list just below the login form. You can change the language at any time via the settings you find by clicking on "My Rolf" in the start menu and then "Settings".

Log out

To log out, click on "Log out" in the top right corner.

Log in with your mobile

  • To download the app, open Apple store or Google Play and download "Rolf"
  • Once you have downloaded the app, log in with your email address and the automatically generated password you received, if you have not already changed your password on the web
  • Read and accept the terms of use
  • Go to "Rolf" and click on settings or the symbol with a wrench
  • To receive notifications when something about you happens in Rolf, click on "Allow notifications" under the heading notifications
  • Select the day and time you want the notification that it is time to reflect. Click on "save".
  • If you did not change your password on the web, do so by typing in your new password. Click on "save". (if you do not see this feature you need to log in via the browser and change the password, you can do this via your phone)
  • To receive reminder notifications in the Rolf app, select the day you want the reminder in the app settings column. Click on "save".

You are now ready to start using Rolf as an app!